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Child malaria vaccine 'milestone'

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The National | Wake Up Your Saints

wake up your saints, jenny, i need them

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masturbaby asked: lol hi man wassup

Hey I’m alright :3 how’s your life?


Don Kenn’s Monsters

John Kenn  was born in Denmark, writes and produces TV shows for kids, but in his spare time he enjoys with these fantastic and disturbing illustrations, made of Post-it.

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Dial-up sound (700% slower)

They’re calling me man

I don’t like blogging during the day

Everyone will be awake

I am extremely turned on; no preference


horror movie synopsis

  • white family moves into house
  • the house got some shit in it
  • family refuses to acknowledge that they got some shit in they house
  • turns out that shit is some ultrashit

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Exxon doesn’t want you to see this video